From Fundamentalism, Through Atheism, Toward Realization

A Video Autobiography by a Kriya Yoga Student of Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF)
Larry Dominus Reavis, Ph.D.




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2. The Visit (plus the explanation)

We don't talk about such things. Just as Jesus instructed some of those whose bodies he cured to tell no one, SRF recommends that students avoid such ego tripping. "Oh, look how spiritual I am - God did so and so miracle through master so and so for ME"! Unwise.

So, for decades I didn't tell even my wife of the experiences that I describe in the first segments of my autobiographical videos even though she, too, was an SRF student. However, some years ago, I felt I should tell what happened.

I couldn't do it - just too embarrassing. That is, until an usher at our local SRF temple, to whom I had told nothing, called me on the phone to tell me he was getting a strong message that I should write an autobiography. I took a bit of liberty with the word "write" and bought two high-definition camcorders. But then, I got cold feet again.

Still the feeling persisted that I should get on with it. To settle the issue, I wrote to Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters (see photo) asking their advice. A few weeks later I received a phone call from a monk (Brother Brahmananda) who encouraged me to do it. So now I'm posting the first of those stories here. I hope they'll be useful to someone.

Videos (if the videos won't play when you click on the links below, you can download them and play them in your computer's player, or VLC)

2a-The Visit:
YouTube Part 1  Part 2 or download here; or get this one if you would like to download a hi-bitrate version for burning to a BD or DVD.

Just as Jesus said that virtue had gone out of him when the woman was healed by touching his garment (Mark 5:25), the intensity of Yogananda's looking deep into my eyes, as recounted in The Encounter video, imparted to me enough of his own life force so that I was able to receive his instruction a few weeks later solely by intuition (search for "virtue" in my physics .PDF). Yoganandaji taught me Kriya Yoga in 1947 while living in the house shown above . . . recounted in this segment.

2b-Kriya Yoga and Sta. Teresa
(YouTube or download; or download a hi-bitrate version for burning to BD or DVD):

Santa Teresa provides an outstanding introduction into the process by which one's consciousness rises up the spine and passes through the 7 chakras (glowing "wheels" of energy in the cerebral-spinal system, described in Revelations as seven stars, seven "churches," or seven golden candlesticks - places where we spend a period of time in order to learn lessons as we grow spiritually).

The "formless" Christ, the term that Sta. Teresa used, exists everywhere in the universe - in every particle of matter. (As the disciple Thomas said in the recently discoverd Gospel of Thomas part of the Nag Hammadi library, "lift a rock and I am there" - quoting Jesus Christ.) But the only place where human consciousness can become one with the consciousness of Christ is in the spine. For that reason, we must "get into the spine" if we are to know God.

Unfortunately for us, the Satanic force, called Maya in Sanskrit, creates the illusion that fools us into believing that Christ is not within us. It has done this to us by locking the consciousness of Christ in the seven cerebral-spinal centers.

Kriya Yoga unlocks those centers and allows us to free the consciousness within them so that it can be raised to the cerebrum. This movement of Christ consciousness up the spine is, of course, the same movement of currents that I described when my mother asked me what I was doing when she caught me practicing my Kriyas at age 11 (described in the above video, 2a-The Visit). Once in the cerebrum - the seat of the soul - the human consciousness and the Christ consciousness merge. When merging happens we experience our oneness with God the Father and all of his creation through the Christ that is eminent in all of creation.

The big benefit for humans is that not only can they experience God in nature and feel God's love within it (for God is love), including Mother Nature's animals, but also can see God in every other human being. Then they cannot but love those humans, even though some, like Hitler, temporarily found themselves mired in delusion.

As implied, that interiorization of the consciousness that brings this about (entry into the "King's mansion"- as Sta. Teresa describes it) draws one deep into the soul where one achieves union with Spirit (God the Father beyond creation) - the source of all consciousness.

Appropriate for her times in the 16th century when abstract thinking was limited (see the Yugas video), she relates her experience of those stages of interiorization by painting verbal images, easy to grasp by the materialistic concrete thinkers of her day, of seven circular "mansions." The image of seven  "mansions" in a castle (our body) is such a fitting analogy for video that I decided to use her book, The Interior Castle," as the basis for my introduction to the yoga (English: yoke, yoking, or union) aspect of Kriya Yoga. This yoga (yoke/yoking/union) refers to the person's progress in achieving conscious union with Spirit, God the Father.

Sta. Teresa describes the goal and provides a description of her personal experience of that process. So doing, she provides the what, as in, "What is the goal"? and "What is the process"? Hers is an excellent subjective, phenomenological account. But how does it work?

2c-Physics, Maya, and Kriya Yoga (or download; or download hi-bitrate version for burning to BD or DVD):

Mainly because of my study of physics, I began joined SRF and began meditating in adulthood. This segment describes the experiences that produced that evolution in my thinking, and also explains the kriya aspect of Kriya Yoga in terms of energy.

In short, this segment provides an objective statement of the process that Sta. Teresa reports in terms of her subjective experiences. As an objective description, it looks at the process as an external phenomenon, much like any other physical process. In so doing, it purports to explain the how, as in, "How does it work"?

Please note that Kriya comes from the same Sanskrit root as karma, meaning cause-effect, action-reaction. As implied, such action requires energy. (In my earlier segment, 2a - The Visit, I report how Yoganandaji taught me to "move the currents in the spine," as I described it to my mother; these were currents of energy.)

In our age one could scarcely carry on an intelligent discussion of energy functions without delving into physics. (Sta. Teresa couldn't have used the word "energy," for that word wasn't in common use until after her time - see the time line graph here.)

My physics video is not yet complete, but you can read the rest in .PDF format here. If the player doesn't work when you click on the above link, you can download here.

2d-Kriya Yoga and the Yugas (here; or download to play from your hard disk; or watch on Youtube - P1, P2, P3); or download hi-bitrate version for burning to BD or DVD):
yuga chart

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